Monday, November 27, 2006

Buy Nothing Day

Voices speak up for simple life

While hordes of shoppers invaded the stores Friday, a much smaller group of locals spoke out against holiday consumerism. As part of International Buy Nothing Day,  Rico Lighthouse and his wife, Beth, spent the afternoon in Old Town Square serving free tea and hot chocolate and entertaining passers-by with juggling and live tunes from their musical group The Lighthouse Band. Their point, other than spreading holiday cheer, was to draw attention to Buy Nothing Day, a day which supporters urge consumers to remember the holidays should be less about buying and more about spending time with family. Rico Lighthouse said  he hopes people will try to enjoy the holidays by nurturing  personal relationships. "People should give the gift of yourself, which is often the most withheld gift in the world," he said. When they do give material gifts, he encourages people to buy from local artisans, or make the  gifts themselves so they are more meaningful. "I'm not trying to tell people, 'Don't buy stuff,' but 'Think about  what you are buying,'" he said. Buy Nothing Day started 15 years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, not just as a backlash to holiday materialism but also to big spending throughout the year. Organizers challenge consumers to pick one day a year to live simply, spend more time with family and think about the environmental and ethical consequences of mass consumerism. In the past, local supporters have staged small protests at shopping centers in town, but Lighthouse said he was interested in gently spreading his message through cheer. Most Shoppers don't realize the social and environmental impact they have by mindlessly buying mass quantities, said Jana Six, who participated in Buy Nothing Day events in Fort Collins in the past. Six earned a master's degree in environmental education at Colorado State University and focused parts of her studies on consumerism. Mass consumerism during the holidays and throughout the year takes advantage of cheap labor and depletes natural resources and ecosystems throughout the world, said Six, who works for Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, a nonprofit environmental and social public policy institute in Denver. "We're consuming our planet to death," she said. But one local mall manager said she believes people are starting to think more about the products they buy. While many consumers continue to engage in holiday shopping frenzies, more shoppers are concerned about where  the products come from and who made them, said Cynthia Eichler, general manager of Foothills Mall. "Overall, consumers are more savvy than they used to be," she said.  "We're hearing conversations these days that you wouldn't  have heard five years ago." Even on Black Friday, shoppers  are more cognizant, she said. one way to feel good about  holiday purchases is to be a more responsible consumer,  said Wendy Poppen, manager of 10,000 Villages in Old Town  Square, which specializes in international fair trade goods. Like other fair trade organizations, Poppen's store  buys environmentally and socially friendly crafts directly from artisans cooperatives, where fair labor prices and  decent working conditions are ensured. She urges holiday  shoppers to not only ask who made their products and how,  but to consider whether they really even need the product.  "If you're going to buy something, don't just consume to consume," she said. "In reality, it's goodwill." Another opinion is to buy local, which keeps money in state and in  the hands of local employees instead of exporting it to  out of state corporations, Six said.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Survival in the Wasteland 2nd issue...

Hey everybody, Th' first issue of our zine, Survival in the Wasteland turned out really good and got good reception,(if you haven't read it you can check it out on our website) and now th' 2nd issue is in th' making... so check th' Wasteland section of our website to read th' new issue, scheduled to be released nov. 10 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

PAPA festival

We had a wonderful weekend at PAPA festival-- and many beautiful things happened... such was th' beauty of God that it can't be descibed in words-- but i'll try to let you know what we saw going on-- for one, simply th' fact that everyone was there shows th' willingness to answer God's call to truly be His people-- learning to live together and love one another-- many times was i brought to tears by th' thought of all of us together under th' covering of our God-- and many new friends were made, and old ones reaffirmed once again. There's something very special about not knowing how long it will be till you see someone again, and then there they are-- it makes th' time together oh so sweet. I think that many people realized their need for one another-- in fact that's why everyone was there. And there was a genuineness about everyone-- a knowing that you were trusted, and that you could trust-- this was not simply a festival to get away from your everyday life, and then it's over and you go back to your life, hopefully carrying something good with you-- but rather this was a festival where people brought their lifestyles together in one place to share them with each other-- to be encouraged that though your life is radically different than that of this world we live in you have support, you are not alone in your views and your choices. And also, one of th' most beautiful things that happened there, that i did not even realize till we were driving away, was th' complete lack of propaganda. We stopped at a gas station as we were leaving and it hit me hard-- to walk inside and be blasted with candy, magazines, junk food, and tons of other crap that a person doesn't need, and driving down the interstate, with billboard after billboard yelling in my face to buy this, do that, come here, save yourself, blah blah, blah... i realized that th' world really rapes your mind-- everywhere you go your mind is being filled with advertisements and propaganda-- and each ad you read brings along with it a thousand worldly thoughts that are not your own-- it's nearly impossible to keep your mind on th' things of Heaven with such trumpets of propaganda blasting in your face everywhere you go. Once we left th' fest i realized that everything that was available there, whether as a gift, for trade or even for sale, was a piece of art created for art's sake-- nothing was motivated by capitalistic desires and nothing was being pushed-- but rather everything was an offering made out of love, for th' sake of love-- upon leaving it struck me how rare this really is--

peace be with you,
The LightHouse Band

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Going to PAPA fest...

Some of us will be heading out to PAPA fest (people against poverty and apathy) in late June. We will be caravaning out there with anyone who wants to go. Th' fest is th' weekend of th' 23-24th of June and will be a gathering of communities from around th' country. Folks will be getting together to share communal experiences and ideas, share songs and stories, and learn learn learn as much as possible in a short time, as there will be a wealth of educational seminars including strawbale workshops, grease conversions, circus acts, renewable energy, drumming and much much more, click on th' title to go to th' PAPA website and check it out-- and if you' d like to come along and are in our area or on our route, from ft. collins, CO, to knoxville, TN, then let us know, post a reply or write to us at ........... unite

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Live @ Lunch, Community

We just played KRFC'S live @ lunch radio show-- it was great and we had a lot of fun-- there will be a recording of it on our website soon, so check it out if you didn't get to hear it. Also we are seriously considering communal living again, so please pray for us- or talk to us if you are interested...

Monday, April 10, 2006

The LightHouse Band Parade

Hey everyone, last saturday we had a parade in old town fort collins-- to celebrate togetherness and to advertise upcoming shows. We painted our faces and marched around to drum s and percussion- played songs and laughed a good bit- Andy and Tim biked and skated around us in a frenzy to keep things moving-- we flew the "LightHouse Band community thru music" flag and generally had a great time... Our next show is @ Everyday Joes, so come out and celebrate with us...

Friday, February 03, 2006


Hello anyone who still looks at this -- We've been active lately and have 3 exciting shows coming up in th' spring. Th' first one is March 31st - we will be opening for psalters-, and if you have not seen these guys yet, (or even if you have)- do yourself a favor and come be a part of this show-- here's a link to their website where you can read about them and hear some songs, PSALTERS - Th' second show will be on th' radio- krfc's live @ lunch-- that will be april 11, live broadcast from noon-1:00 on 88.9 fm -- and th' 3rd show will be on good friday at Everyday Joes in fort collins, show starts at 7:00 and th' talented Jorge Valenzuela will be opening up for us-- so come on out and celebrate and reflect with us-- and check out our website for exact times and all that stuff, and for further updates as they appear...