Sunday, August 29, 2004


Starry night by the
River side
Me and my friends playin in the
River wide
the night is long but
soon comes the dawn
and you can tell me to go
take everything i own
but the River will always
be my home

sometimes the night seems so long and scary when yer out in the wilderness in the dark and it's cold-
but there are crickets chirpin and the River is rushin to comfort you- and especially if you have a friend close by your side...
it's scary but it's wonderful in the middle of the night, and the early hours of the morning to be somewhere so beautiful that you used to be only in yer dreams-
it's cold and the shadows are dark but the moon is shining bright (you wouldn't believe how bright the moon can be)- and it shines thru the leaves on the trees and reflects on the water and it sparkles and creates shadows to dance all around you...
and you know that if you pull your blankets over yer head and close your eyes (and leave the zipper down just enough for the fresh air to reach your mouth and nose) you will be safe from the cold, safe from the shadows and just to be sure, you make sure you can feel your friend in his sleeping bag next to you- lest you should drift away from each other in the middle of the night and wake up all alone.
and the moment you wake up to see the sky is pink and the sun is risen you begin to feel safe again, and then the golden sun shoots thru the trees and hits you in the face and you begin to warm up, and the river banks quickly transform from the scary dark shadows of the wilderness into the sunny happy secret place where you and your friends live your happy care free life...

1 cup of coffee (to share)

1 infinite river

2 infinite friends

Monday, August 09, 2004


to the passion
of yr heart-

deep within the slumber
of apathy
is a fire unquenchable-
a reason to hope-
a reason to live-

(hope sets us free)

to the passion
of your soul-

Cry out-
release the cry of
yr heart
with th` songbird
in th` morning

(love sets us free)