Saturday, January 01, 2005

th' coal mine and th' reason we came in here

hi friends and family -- we're in west virginia right now-- and for who knows how long-- all of psalters were going to come down here after th' fall tour and stay with brandon and becca-- a young couple who were gonna join psalters but decided for various reasons not to-- but then another tour got booked right away so me and bethra decided to come down here just th' two of us and think and pray and figure out what's next-- brandon and becca came here from toledo ohio some months ago to work at a mission for youth-- well things aren't always as glorious as they sound--
they like working with th' kids but they are not really allowed to be themselves--
if any of you have had to work somewhere were you've had to compromise your beliefs you know how spiritualy exhausting that can be-- and there are no like minded people anywhere around here-- so they have some friends but no real friends like the encouraging one another bear one another's burdens type friends whom you can have long talks and lots of laughs with-- so in other words they were kinda lonely being down here too-- they made a committment and want to stay and fulfill it tho-- so they are really glad that we decided to come down here instead of going on tour again-- me and bethra didn't know them at all when we came here- besides a breif meeting on tour- but we've gotten along very well-- we have so much in common but come from different backgrounds- so it makes for an interesting exciting friendship-- we live in a big house with them and stay up late talking almost every night-- often under th' guise of playing poker- it's really nice for us cause we thought we were in for a major culture shock leaving psalters and moving to wv-- but we're really glad we got th' chance to come here and meet these guys-- they're th' kinda friends that will be for ever- we've been talking alot about where to go next and they are as ready as we are to move outta this giant coal mine that is wv- we've thought about renting a place together in another city- about moving to th' same town or neighbouring towns and about moving far away from each other-- we've thought about moving bck to fort collins and have tried to convince them that they'd love it there because we love it there-- but th' point of this is that we have no idea where we'll be next (as usual) but we're here to pray and be friends with these guys and probably with out giving us much time to pack our bags God will say GO-- and that will be that-- but in th' meantime we're going to try and get a car and work a bit while we're here-- save up some money since we have no bills here -- and play music together-- read and write and bethra has been aching to bake for th' past 3 month's and now she can-- so that's where we're at now -- please pray for us --

live under th' mercy of our love -- th' passionate christ --