Monday, September 20, 2004

20 sept 2004 anno domini (during the year of our lord)

we played our first show on saturday-- at an assembly of God church in ann arbor-- we had little practice and it was th' first time me and bethra had ever played with psalters-- things went well tho- i beat on a very large drum and and prayed for God's spirit to cover us all- some people were horrified- some thought that it was a good show- one kid was blessed immensely- God had touched his heart and he was very thankful-- he talked to me after th' show with compassion and humility- and it made me long for those gifts even more- and it reminded me of what it's like to see a psalters show for th' first time and have God touch your heart- and i couldn't decide if i liked playing with th' psalters as much as i liked watching them play- and bethra felt th' same way- after th' show she said she feels like she got ripped off-- we came to a psalters show and all we got to see was the other band that played after us- but also it's an honor to be up there- to be a part of something important- something God initiated- something God led us into to make us grow in new ways- it's so good to be growing again, after feeling stagnant for so long- it's an honor to me, to be able to wear th' scarves- it's hard to explain, but it's like being given your priestly garments to wear- and being entrusted to honor God's name- God really trusts us ya know- i mean all of us, not just me and bethra- but all of us- and so i know that he will use us to better this world- and i know that he will use others to better us- i guess that's all for now-- thank you all friends of ours who support us and love us and we miss you friends of ours and we love you too cause God has shown us how important you are to us and how we can not be complete with out you- everyone of you who is our friend, you are our church and we appreciate you--

Friday, September 17, 2004

17 sept 2004 A.D.

our room is a small cubicle in the back of a warehouse- there is no window to let us know when it's morning, so we have to wake up to an alarm clock- not so bad though- it keeps us from sleeping in too much- everyone else shares a room down the hall- they're all single and don't mind too much-
it's a nice, happy room they live in, with each persons own space decorated somewhat to his/her liking- i feel more at home here than i've felt in a long time- which is strange because i'd never choose to live here on my own- mornings are usually quiet and slow- every one stumbles one by one to the coffee pot- with us first- usually- then things start to pick up a little bit-- we all pray together and figure out tentatively what we're going to do for th' day- i've been building bunks and closets and a bathroom on th' bus- and various other things- bethra has been sewing alot- which she is very good at- and everybody else has their little things that they do each day- which all works together somehow- then we eat dinner together- which is always nice times together- we sit around and laugh and talk about whatever- then right after dinner we usually have practice- till we're too tired to play anymore- then we sit around talking till we all stumble one by one back to bed- but we've only been here a week- we're leaving for th' tour on october first- then life will be totally different once again- and i' m ready-

beware america

dream, march 23 2003 A.D.
me and bethra were in the midst of a war- there were soldiers in th' city/town we were in- one of the armies knew who we were and wanted to kill us- we had escaped from them- at one point we hid in an abandoned house as troops went by-- also remember seeing British? airplanes (fighter jets) flying and crashing over a port city- i think new york--

dream, march 6 2003 A.D.
dreamed that there were foreign troops - and a battle on U.S. land- in a big city- and a few weeks ago i dreamed a similar dream where i was hiding under a bridge watching an army of foreign ( oriental?) troops marching thru a u.s. city- i was on th' beach and saw their boats coming and hid under th' bridge that they marched over-- this was no small attack or weak army- they marched on u.s. land with determination and confidence--


for you know not th' day
of judgement
prepared against you-
Your heart is
di - vided,
partly loving partly hating
and your people are as
scared of you as of
any other country
you might be at odds against