Monday, December 06, 2004

a visual tour The image “ visual tour

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welcome to our visual tour-- have yourself a cup of mate with us and enjoy th' pictures--

psalters of old-- circa 1880's--
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21st centery psalters--
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here's th' bus in it's early days--
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scott wondering if he can sit on th' toilet with his hat on--
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and here's relaxin after workin on th' bus all day--
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the army advances-- with th' banner of christ leading th' way
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and th' singers went first--- followed by th' dancers--
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and in between shows we hung out-- enriched our fellowship with each other-- and even got stuck in th' mud--
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this train's a ready to roll--
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that was in tennessee-- i drove all night long-- we we're really tired-- jay took over th' driving and we saw a sign that said 'travelers rest' -- so we went there and it was this big farm with an 1800's reinactment show going on-- tickets we're 5 dollars-- we told them we're travellers and we saw th' 'travelers rest' sign and followed it here and they let us in for free-- th' people doing th' reinactments treated us like we were straight out of th' 1800's ourselves-- which we probably looked like -- we were dirty and road weary and some of us were dressed like robin hood-- so as we tried to leave we realized we were stuck in th' mud and after tearing up th' yard really good we made friends with th' owner of th' farm and left on very good terms-- imagine showing up in a big black scary bus - there's nine of us dirty and tired and pretty scary looking ourselves-- we show up in th' middle of tennesee to a place where school kids are on a field trip -- we cause everyone to stare at us and then we tear up th' yard trying to leave-- th' farmer has to work late trying to help us out of th' mud -- and he takes a real likin to us-- askes us to stay longer or at least come back and stop by next time we're in town-- gives us his phone number and address and asks us for a cd of our music and sends us away with a big smile and a happy good-bye--- now that's southern hospitality--

and on to th' next show--

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after driving all night long--
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some hang out time between shows-- bethra and jeremy playing 'fading'

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bethra checking our email--

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rico after a nice chicken dinner--
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charity and jeremy--
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sometimes in life you are happy--
sometimes yr blue--
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and never forget to be thankful for yer free will---
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do you ever feel like your being watched?....
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when really it's just a shadow on th' wall.

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there is coming a time when everyone must decide--

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or warship?
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peace to you all on your journey-- and in th' words of our southern jewish friends--
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Friday, November 26, 2004

th' day after thanksgiving/ community

hey friends-- th' time is coming soon for us to move off th' big black bus that has carried us so far-- to so many places and so many faces some new some old even-- we will miss our psalter friends and send them off with our blessing as they continue on their journey to carve out a new nomadic community lifestyle completely rooted in Jesus-- we're looking for a place to make camp for a while and we're thinking about michigan alot but we're not 100% sure yet-- so please pray for us and pray for yourself too and we'll keep this site updated when we know more-- and send us thoughts/prayers/ideas -- we want to have a community - whatever that may look like-- and one that is using and developing th' talents that god has given to each of us-- and learning meeting god in each other-- cuz as our friend jeremy says, each person has a secret that god has given them and you learn about/ meet god by interacting with people and getting to know that secret part of god that only they can reveal-- so many people all over th' country (and probably all over th' world- we just haven't been there yet) are moving towards community living and i think it's part a god's great plan and for those of us called to it pray to find your place and for others to find theirs-- and let's work together in th' body of christ and use our talents and abilities and resources to support each other-- and serve each other-- and" all men will know you are my disciples when you show love to one another" -- there's a great quote inside one of th' psalter cd's-- it says ' th' greatest thing we can do for th' poor is to help awaken their creativity. When their creativity is awakened th' poor will indeed liberate themselves'-- so that's what we want our focus to be(not the only focus-- but one of them)-- to help each other awaken our creativity-- let us show god that we appreciate th' life and gifts that he's given us by using them to th' best of our ability-- and encouraging others to use their gifts as well--

"i think we cry at funerals- even at funerals of people we don't like- because we realize what a miracle life is - you realize, this will never happen again- there will never be this exact combination of genes, there will never again be the things that have created this person to be what he is.- god has spoken uniquely here, and it's gone- it's over.- and i think there's some regret because we all realize, boy, we didn't pay enough attention."
-rich mullins-

Thursday, November 11, 2004

we're still here

hey out there -- we're still here and doing good-- if you've tried to email us i messed up our email account somehow and we need a parents permission to check our email now-- and that parent must have a credit card? you can't grow up without one these days-- just ask our good friend rob gray-- he'll tell you all about how credit cards help you grow up-- anyway-- if you want to contact us before i get that worked out just post a comment on here and we'll be checking it when we can-- and if you have an unanswered email you may want to send us another one to our comment box here if it's important so that we'll see it and then just check our blog for a response-- this can become our public community page so don't say anything you don't want all our friends to read-- but if you want a lot of people to pray for something perhaps this is th' way to let others know-- also, if you could possibly help us get our email working that would be great-- or if anyone with a credit card wants to volunteer to be our parents and give us permission to check our email that would be great too-- so many things to write about and we will soon so keep checking th' blog and praying for us-- God is giving us some directional ideas and we need to make a decision soon so pray for that for us and we'll let you know what that means in upcoming editions of RICO AND BETH- ON TH' ROAD TO FREEDOM so stay tuned friends and we love you all and miss most of you-- just kidding-- all of you-- see ya soon,

rico and bethra lighthouse.
maybe you guys could even talk to each other over the blog...
you can click on th' comments and read them for more information about what goes on in th' heads of our friends-- and you can post comments to others -- and if you read th' " we miss most of you" part and your first reaction was that you are one of th' ones we don't miss then maybe you're a little too insecure and write to us and we'll pray for you about that-- thanks everybody---

Thursday, October 14, 2004

14 oct 2004 a.d. hope

it amazes me- th' things God does and th' way he works-- we've been with psalters now for about a month-- and it seems that th' passion that originally drew us to them is missing-- an overwhelming sense of uninspiration seems to come upon us all at times-- and our shows are usually mediocre at best--- not th' type that i'm used to experiencing at a psalters show-- but then there's someone at almost every show that comes to us afterwards-- maybe even a few days after-- and tells us how God impacted or changed their heart at one of our shows-- and often times it's someone who's been thru an exteme amount of pain or hardship-- not that most of us haven't-- life is very hard and no one breezes thru it-- but there are those who experience a life that i can't imagine being able to make it thru-- and those people tend to find us and be drawn to us and it amazes me because we listen to or watch recordings of our shows and it almost always sounds horrible-- or at most ok-- never extraordinary-- and yet still they come with tales of how God completely reached into their heart and moved them-- and that th' sound is one of a passionate cry to God-- which is what we hope for it to be, but rarely feel like it is -- yet still God uses us-- maybe just because we're willing and making ourselves available-- maybe because deep down inside all of us is a strong desire to feel God's presence even tho we get apathetic and lazy about it-- so if God can use us apathetic little creatures inwardly longing for him with all of our unfeeling hearts-- he can use you to-- don't give up--- just when we think all has been ruined God shows up ---

Sunday, October 03, 2004

3 october 2004 Anno Domini

well. we left our headquarters yesterday-- we officially live on th' bus now-- it's nice-- we played at a church last night and this morning and discovered that some one broke into our trailer and stole a stage monitor and speaker-- but th' show went really well and we're all getting to be more familiar with each other and more comfortable perfoming together-- but we still need more unity-- please pray that God will unite us even more-- living on th' bus is going to be challenging for us all but i can already see that God is preparing us for great things-- and that after this trip we will have great stories to tell-- and more than just stories i hope-- actual lives which have been changed-- yesterday was me and bethra's anniversary and we snuck off together-- god is teaching us more about boldness-- which is something that has been lacking in both or our lives for a while- maybe forever-- and for that i am thankful-- thank you for all your prayers and support-- write to us- email us or post a comment-- it's good to know who is thinking and praying for us--

Monday, September 20, 2004

20 sept 2004 anno domini (during the year of our lord)

we played our first show on saturday-- at an assembly of God church in ann arbor-- we had little practice and it was th' first time me and bethra had ever played with psalters-- things went well tho- i beat on a very large drum and and prayed for God's spirit to cover us all- some people were horrified- some thought that it was a good show- one kid was blessed immensely- God had touched his heart and he was very thankful-- he talked to me after th' show with compassion and humility- and it made me long for those gifts even more- and it reminded me of what it's like to see a psalters show for th' first time and have God touch your heart- and i couldn't decide if i liked playing with th' psalters as much as i liked watching them play- and bethra felt th' same way- after th' show she said she feels like she got ripped off-- we came to a psalters show and all we got to see was the other band that played after us- but also it's an honor to be up there- to be a part of something important- something God initiated- something God led us into to make us grow in new ways- it's so good to be growing again, after feeling stagnant for so long- it's an honor to me, to be able to wear th' scarves- it's hard to explain, but it's like being given your priestly garments to wear- and being entrusted to honor God's name- God really trusts us ya know- i mean all of us, not just me and bethra- but all of us- and so i know that he will use us to better this world- and i know that he will use others to better us- i guess that's all for now-- thank you all friends of ours who support us and love us and we miss you friends of ours and we love you too cause God has shown us how important you are to us and how we can not be complete with out you- everyone of you who is our friend, you are our church and we appreciate you--

Friday, September 17, 2004

17 sept 2004 A.D.

our room is a small cubicle in the back of a warehouse- there is no window to let us know when it's morning, so we have to wake up to an alarm clock- not so bad though- it keeps us from sleeping in too much- everyone else shares a room down the hall- they're all single and don't mind too much-
it's a nice, happy room they live in, with each persons own space decorated somewhat to his/her liking- i feel more at home here than i've felt in a long time- which is strange because i'd never choose to live here on my own- mornings are usually quiet and slow- every one stumbles one by one to the coffee pot- with us first- usually- then things start to pick up a little bit-- we all pray together and figure out tentatively what we're going to do for th' day- i've been building bunks and closets and a bathroom on th' bus- and various other things- bethra has been sewing alot- which she is very good at- and everybody else has their little things that they do each day- which all works together somehow- then we eat dinner together- which is always nice times together- we sit around and laugh and talk about whatever- then right after dinner we usually have practice- till we're too tired to play anymore- then we sit around talking till we all stumble one by one back to bed- but we've only been here a week- we're leaving for th' tour on october first- then life will be totally different once again- and i' m ready-

beware america

dream, march 23 2003 A.D.
me and bethra were in the midst of a war- there were soldiers in th' city/town we were in- one of the armies knew who we were and wanted to kill us- we had escaped from them- at one point we hid in an abandoned house as troops went by-- also remember seeing British? airplanes (fighter jets) flying and crashing over a port city- i think new york--

dream, march 6 2003 A.D.
dreamed that there were foreign troops - and a battle on U.S. land- in a big city- and a few weeks ago i dreamed a similar dream where i was hiding under a bridge watching an army of foreign ( oriental?) troops marching thru a u.s. city- i was on th' beach and saw their boats coming and hid under th' bridge that they marched over-- this was no small attack or weak army- they marched on u.s. land with determination and confidence--


for you know not th' day
of judgement
prepared against you-
Your heart is
di - vided,
partly loving partly hating
and your people are as
scared of you as of
any other country
you might be at odds against

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Starry night by the
River side
Me and my friends playin in the
River wide
the night is long but
soon comes the dawn
and you can tell me to go
take everything i own
but the River will always
be my home

sometimes the night seems so long and scary when yer out in the wilderness in the dark and it's cold-
but there are crickets chirpin and the River is rushin to comfort you- and especially if you have a friend close by your side...
it's scary but it's wonderful in the middle of the night, and the early hours of the morning to be somewhere so beautiful that you used to be only in yer dreams-
it's cold and the shadows are dark but the moon is shining bright (you wouldn't believe how bright the moon can be)- and it shines thru the leaves on the trees and reflects on the water and it sparkles and creates shadows to dance all around you...
and you know that if you pull your blankets over yer head and close your eyes (and leave the zipper down just enough for the fresh air to reach your mouth and nose) you will be safe from the cold, safe from the shadows and just to be sure, you make sure you can feel your friend in his sleeping bag next to you- lest you should drift away from each other in the middle of the night and wake up all alone.
and the moment you wake up to see the sky is pink and the sun is risen you begin to feel safe again, and then the golden sun shoots thru the trees and hits you in the face and you begin to warm up, and the river banks quickly transform from the scary dark shadows of the wilderness into the sunny happy secret place where you and your friends live your happy care free life...

1 cup of coffee (to share)

1 infinite river

2 infinite friends

Monday, August 09, 2004


to the passion
of yr heart-

deep within the slumber
of apathy
is a fire unquenchable-
a reason to hope-
a reason to live-

(hope sets us free)

to the passion
of your soul-

Cry out-
release the cry of
yr heart
with th` songbird
in th` morning

(love sets us free)